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You can see the Place des Jacobins in an almost antiquated future... as if Lyon were in 2073.

What if artificial intelligence had taken over the world? In this reflection, what is art without a creator?
Isn't it dangerous to dilute cinema and transform the world without emotion?
In the midst of all this sonic din, we observe a scuba diver, symbolizing a human being in an unbreathable climate, emerging from the depths of the sea as if from another world, to finally land in Lyon, and more precisely in Place des Jacobins: a formerly very religious square.
And yes, for some, cinema is a religion,
This balloon becomes the signature of our posters: fun, its color (orange) the color of optimism.
We think, for a moment, that there's a whole generation out there: explorers of a world where cinema could be in trouble, and we at Filmoramax are proud to contribute, however small, to the survival of cinema, because supporting Filmoramax means supporting the cinema of tomorrow.
So for all that: let's go to the movies.

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