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Associate your image with a cultural and chic event in the beautiful city of Lyon.

Display your support in our various communication media and gain visibility.

Share unforgettable moments with the jury and festival guests at our partners' evening and at the closing night.

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Major partners

Filmoramax - Pathé Bellecour



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Filmoramax - Pathé Bellecour

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+ Lorbac Productions


+ Le Mercière

+ Capsa

+ France Bière

+ Pestle

+ Jérémie Gaudry
+ BDO Rennes
+ Cabinet Boris Ficheux

+ Digital Lights
+ Onirium Studio
+ Miss Madeleine

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Become a partner and help us to promote the short film industry by giving this art form the place it deserves.
Great cinema in a short format that Filmoramax wants to transcend to create links and limitless cinematic experiences.